Volunteer event: Fire break cutting and rock check-dam making for wild elephants 23/2/2013

The dry season of 2013 is starting soon. It’s time to make the fire break system to protect the trees that we planted in 2012. Please join our next event inside Salakpra wildlife sanctuary! Our ambition is to make a fire break cutting around the planting site to protect the trees from forest fire before the coming dry season. During the same event we will also make a rocked check-dam to preserve water for the wildlife.  We need many volunteers to help with this important forest conservation event! The project helps to improve the habitat of wild elephants and to solve human elephant conflicts around the sanctuary.

The dry season in Kanchanaburi caused water shortage inside the jungle of Salakpra before. This forced many wild elephants to roam outside the wildlife sanctuary to find water for drinking and bathing. On their way to the water source, the elephants also ate from fruit plantations of the local people. This leads to more conflicts between the wild elephants and the local people. An easy way to reduce this conflict, is to catch and store as much water as we can in the rainy season. The water pools, and the extra elephant food we plant, we hopefully keep the wild elephants inside the jungle.

Location: Tha Thungna ranger station, Salakpra wildlife sanctuary, Muang district, Kanchanaburi

Program: Saturday 23/2/2012
9.30 A.M: Arrival of all volunteers. Welcome by village leader, chief of rangers and BTEH
(Note: all volunteers are requested to get to Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary by themselves)
9.45 A.M: Rock check-dam making
12.00 A.M: Lunch near the ranger station
1.00 P.M: Start fire brake cutting around the planting site with water / fruit break
3.30 P.M: Finish all activities. Collect all garbage/plastic bags. Drive out of Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary

Good to bring:
- Sun block
- Cap or hat
- Comfortable closed shoes that can get dirty
- Gloves
- Insect repellent
- Long sleeved shirt & trousers
- Dry cloths

By own car:

It’s about 45 minute from Kanchanaburi city. Use the highway no. 323 from the city and then switch to highway no. 3199 (road to Erawan waterfall). After you pass Tha Thungna dam about 5 km, you will see Tha Thung Na ranger station on the right hand side (KM 33). Click to see the map here.

By public bus:

Minibuses to Kanchanaburi leave from 1. Royal Hotel at Sanam Luang or 2. Morchit Mai bus station 3. Victory monument, Bangkok for 150 baht. It takes about 2.30 - 3 hours to Kanchanaburi city. From the Kanchanaburi bus station or Lad Ya minibus station, volunteers can take the public bus (Kachanaburi – Erawan water fall route) for 50 Baht, leaving every hour to Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary. It takes about 45 mins to the ranger station.

To cover some of the cost of the food, drinks, fire brake and check dam making tools and materials, we kindly ask for 400 Baht/person to participate in this event.

Please contact us for more and to confirm your participation: Khun Dutsadee (Tik): dutsadee.nilubol@bring-the-elephant-home.org or Tel (083) 566 - 5223. Please confirm before the 22nd of February, 2012.

This event is a partnership between Bring the Elephant Home, Baan Klang Pla Kod local villagers and the Salakpra forest rangers.

We are still looking for groups of volunteers for the whole dry season in 2013 (March - May) to make the fire break, check-dam and artificial salt lick inside Salakpra wildlife sanctuary and the commuity forest connected with the wildlife sanctuary in Kanchanaburi. If you are part of any network with an interest in conservation, please contact us for arranging a volunteer event at tel (083) 566 - 5223.